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Global Vision University provides a wide range of educational opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students providing both degree and non-degree programs. Visit Today!


The Graduate Certificate Program is suitable for individuals who wish to acquire an additional skill in the subject of interest. It is therefore recommended students have sufficient amount of experience or relevant education in the course they wish to apply for. However, students showing interest in the relevant field shall also be accepted into the Program.


Global Vision University offers two intensive Diploma program in order to supplement the cardinal education and help you accelerate through your education program to future leadership positions. Diploma program provides you a strong professional background by offering innovative teaching methods and thorough curriculum that can help you ace through your professional education.

Associate Degree

In this fiercely competitive world, students and professionals need to improve their qualifications for better career growth that would lead to more earnings and an improved lifestyle. We understand the needs of students enrolling in online programs and therefore offer the Global Vision University Associate Degree programs for students and professionals.

Bachelor Degree

An online bachelor's degree from Global Vision University offers you the pliability to attend categories just about anyplace you've got a web association. You don't need to quit your current career; you'll study on your schedule .Even higher, after you graduate from Global Vision University, you're not simply obtaining a degree - you're gaining access to the biggest alumni network within the country.

Master Degree

Global Vision University Master’s degree programs can assist you with valuable and added credentials advance your career by providing flexibility in specializations, focus and applying your learning to your profession and a global relevance and perspective.

Doctorate Degree

Business, Religion and Theology degrees are awarded through either the Global Vision University School of Theology or the Global Vision University School of Business Administration.

Global Vision University is student-centered and flexible to accommodate a wide spectrum of student’s needs. We welcome inquiries in any field.



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Degree Programs

Global Vision University offers a diversified range of online degree programs that are tailor made to enhance your field knowledge and prepare you to take the lead at your work place.

Diploma programs

Global Vision University offers online diploma programs specially designed to enable adult students accelerate at their career by updating their profiles with relevant and in demand diplomas.

Certificate Programs

Global Vision University offers undergraduate certificates and undergraduate course certificate programs to help individuals hone their skills, improve knowledge and prepare real life and career

Study Anywhere, Anytime with Global Vision University

Now you get to study anywhere, anytime - be it your home or your office. Learn at your own place such that while some spend time on the basics, others can skip ahead to the more advanced concepts of the course.


High Profile Faculty Members with Proven Professional Records

Global Vision University employs a highly competent Teaching staff which consists of Industry experts and leaders with professional expertise and real world experience.

Benefits of Accredited Online Degree with Global Vision University


An Online Degree Programme helps you obtain qualification relevant to your skills and knowledge.

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